Where is the Best Place to Travel to in South America?

Places to Travel in South America

Best place to travel to in South America

Did you know that deep in the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil and Peru there are tribes that have no contact with the outside world? Did you know that Angel Falls, in Argentina, has the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world? Did you know that Brazil has 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Did you know that Peru has 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites?  If the answer is no, keep reading to find out how our new travel series on South America will help you learn more about them!

How Well Do You Know Your South American Geography?

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Do not worry if you did not do as well as you thought you would on the geography quiz! Not only will you learn about each country’s geography, but you will also learn the rich history, facts, and favorite destinations that are awaiting you!

  • Take a nice beach stroll or head to a local water park with the family.
  • If you love observing nature, there are many hiking trails with breathtaking views!
  • Enjoy the culture at the local food trucks by day or the local cuisine at the many five-star eateries at night.
  • Learn about the best times to visit, lost civilization, exciting nightlife, or the breathtaking carnival that will have you coming back every year!

Whether you are looking for adventure or a quiet get-away, each South American country has something unique for the adventurer at heart!

   How popular is South America?

With more than 96 million visitors a year, South America has scored year after year in service and tourism infrastructure which attracts both South Americans as well as international travelers. The twelve independent countries cover more than 6,890,000 square miles of land mass. The current GPD for the South American travel industry is almost 3.72 billion (USD), but it is expected to grow to 600 billion by 2026.

Countries the With Best Tourism and

Service Infrastructures







Experience the tourist destinations in Chile or the cultural sites in Argentina. Learn more about the romantic Belmond Miraflores Park or the Charming Luxury Lodge & Private Spa if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Will you be traveling with your family? Discover the natural landmarks, beaches, and fantastic culture that offers many family-friendly opportunities that will draw you back year after year!

Whether you are planning to visit Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Lake Titicaca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Valparaíso, La Paz, Asunción, or Lima, these popular destinations offer great promise for everyone.  If you do not know much about South America, but you would like to, you will love our new series on South American countries that are starting soon and will be updated regularly until completed!


Brazil                   Venezuela                Columbia               Equador

Brazil flag Argentina

Uruguay                   Suriname                Bolivia                 Peru

Uraguay Flag Suriname Flag Bolivia Flag Peru flag

Guyana                       Chile                      Paraguay

Guyana Chile Flag Paraguay Flag


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