Survive College on a Budget – 10 Tips and a Bonus

Ten ways to Eat and Live cheaply as a Student

Survive College

Being able to survive college as a student typically means that money will be a difficult commodity to come by and having to do more with less. With tuition fees, transportation costs, food, clothes and other necessities, most college students need strategies to save money.  There are countless ways to save money as a college student, here will be just a  few.  Simple things help save money like renting textbooks(rather than buying), taking the bus rather buying a car, and buying discount food. Here is a list of eleven specific ways you can save survive college by saving money.

  1. Rent textbooks rather than buy them(And find them for free if possible)

It is possible to rent textbooks instead of constantly buying them, these savings can  add into the thousands when considering the amount of textbooks each college student is supposed to get for class. Buying textbooks only makes sense if you want to keep the textbook anyway, most students will never read their textbooks after their class is finished using it.  Although most textbooks can only be found through purchases, some of them can be found for free on the internet. Always be sure to see if you can find a free pdf of a textbook on the internet before considering paying.  These free textbooks are rare though so don’t expect them to be able to fully supply you.

  1. Taking the bus rather than owning a car

A simple way to save money could be to take the bus rather than owning a car. If you live on campus, this decision is normally rather simple to make since you are already waking up near the classes you would have to attend.  Although this strategy can definitely save money, it can also  put a drain on your time.

  1. Buy discounted and low price food

An absolute necessity for any student is food and this is a purchase that can easily drain the bank of a college student. Buying discounted and low price food is fairly common among college students, an example of this is the popular ramen noodles. Although these noodles are not as healthy as other foods, it is definitely drastically more affordable.  Another choice for affordable food would be oatmeal, it is healthy and very cheap.

  1. Make your own food instead of buying outside

Doing this alone can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Buying groceries and making food will  give you full and filling meals while not being too hard on your wallet. Many students enjoy the convenience of dining at a restaurant, but in the long run it will cost hundreds or  thousands more than simply making the food at home. Buying  a meal outside ever y now and then could be fine, but making it a daily habit is a serious liability to your money.

  1. Collect coupons and look out for sales

Collecting coupons is an easy practical way to save on supplies during college. Coupons are often mailed straight to you so they are easy to find. Keeping an eye out for sales will also be a sure way to find affordable supplies. Every store will eventually have some sort of sale.  Being able to survive college means purchasing supplies using coupons and during sales is a must for any student in a tight budget.

  1. Buy used hardware( such as televisions, computers and microwaves)

Buying used materials is another practical strategy to save money as a college student. The prices between new and used hardware is typically in the hundreds. If you make sure to find a reliable seller, the value of the purchase can be even more than a new product. Some students may be frightened of used products worrying they may be  faulty. Luckily  it is common for materials sold used to be as reliable as the new products.

  1. Get your entertainment from your computer

It may be tempting to get cable television but such a decision can run you a hundred dollars more every month.  There are many free sources of entertainment on the internet. Think of YouTube, Hulu, or other free streaming websites.  Being able to survive college means that you must find alternative sources of entertainment. You can also go about seeing if you have a friend that already has a Netflix account and share with him or her.

  1. Rent movies rather than going to theatres

Going to theatres can be a fun and engaging experience but it  is also rather expensive compared to renting movies.  Watching movies in the theatres is over 6 times the price of renting them. If you really must watch a movie, go during a day the theatre is giving out discounted tickets.

  1. Share as much supplies as you can with your friends and split prices

Sharing resources is one of the simplest ways for  students to survive college  by saving money.  This strategy ties in with every other strategy mentioned so far. You can buy a laptop half and half with a friend and share it, saving you hundreds. It is possible to share televisions,  DVDs, and books. Sharing with your friends is sure way to save.

10. Buy only what you need

This cannot be stated enough, buy only what you need. If you are a college student who needs to carefully watch your spending, you cannot afford to waste money on things that you do not even need.  Buying groceries that go rotten is one example of wasting money on something you didn’t actually need. Be mindful  of how much money you spend on clothes, it is easy to go overboard and waste money on clothing that is not actually needed

A bonus and a tip for your future:

  1. Keep a record of your finances.

Keeping a record of how much money you spend will help you in more ways than one. Firstly, it will train your mind to analyze your spending habits so you can grow to a point where you can save intuitively. Secondly, it will hold you more accountable to the money you are spending. Being able to hold yourself accountable will help because it will keep you from passively using your money.

These are just a few ways to save money while going to college, if you keep thinking you can surely find some more. Being able to survive College can be a difficult time for anyone regarding money, but it can greatly help to act with careful thought and preparation.