Student Flights – Saving money as a student

Traveling on a Student budget

Student Travel

There are many reasons a college student would be interested in booking flights. Going around the world can broaden a person’s perspective and promote deeper insight about life. Student flights are appealing to most any student who has even the slightest adventurousness within them. There is much to see out in the world and the only way to experience it is by going out there and exploring. You can try flying out to the Caribbean or maybe go to the Himalayan Mountains to get a sense of the wildlife out in different lands. Or you can maybe explore the various countries in the EU and see what their culture is like. The world is very vast so the opportunities are endless. Traveling is an activity that can benefit most anyone who tries it. Traveling can especially be appealing to college students or recent graduates.  A common concern that might be had though is the price of the tickets. Being how college students typically don’t have the most amount of money, they can benefit from discounts on airfare.


In the following article I will detail some strategies for students to get cheaper tickets. Although there are not too many options for a college student to get discounts for airplane tickets, there are still resources that a student can use to find discounts on their tickets. So read the following article if you are a college student interested in getting discounts on airplane tickets. You can also check out an earlier article on booking cheaper flights.

STA Travel

STA Travel is a company that started in 1979 that assists students in finding discounts for their flights. The company was started by two students who had been inspired by trips around the world so they set out to make it easier for other students to find airplane tickets. STA Travel has almost 2,000 people around the world working in over 200 stores across the globe.

To purchase airplane tickets from STA Travel you need to first buy an ISIC card for 20 dollars. The ISIC card is only available to full-time students taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. If you are a part-time student you can instead get International Youth Travel Card(IYTC). This card has similar opportunities and benefits that the ISIC has.

All the needed registration and purchasing can be done at .

Student Universe

There is another option for student flights and that is Student Universe. This is a website that specializes in also finding cheap flights for students. This website can also help you find discounted hotels as well. Student Universe can also help link you to a scholarship that awards winners 5,000 dollars and a trip around the world. There is also a gap year contest that can win you up to a year worth of resources for you to travel and reflect before you enter the workforce.

Student Universe also does not require you to buy an ISIC card, so you may choose to want to fly with them if you are trying to save as much money as you can. There are also Youth Fares available on Student Universe. The Youth Fares are special deals for nonstudents, as long as you are between 16 years of age and 25 years you can purchase special discounted tickets.

To find Student Universe deals just click here


And another option available for finding cheap student flights is the student section of This website is a little less specialized for student flights in particular but you can still use its menu to find discounted tickets. CheapOair is a very basic search engine for finding discounted tickets. Just like student universe, there is no need to be any card for travel so you can save the 20 dollars that would be charged on STA Travel.  CheapOair doesn’t have any added student opportunities that Student Universe has.

One Travel
This website is very similar to CheapOair, it is a student specialized section of a main website. You can find this website by clicking on . One Travel does not ask for a special card for travel ether like in STA Travel. All you have to do is go on the website and begin looking for student flights to purchase. One Travel does not have any student opportunities on their website ether.


In Conclusion

Going around the world as a student is an experience that can benefit you in more ways than you can count. It can increase the depth of perspective you have analyzing the world, it can also expose you to fun and interesting customs that other people have, and it can teach you life lessons that you will carry for the rest of your life. Traveling is a very rewarding experience for anyone who is willing to be a little adventurous. So if you have the opportunity to adventure across various lands, then be sure to take it. The resulting experience can be fulfilling in ways that are difficult to describe. If you are just getting out of college or about to go on summer break, you could be in one of the best times to go traveling. Going out traveling when you are young can be an experience that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

If you are a student looking at traveling, chances are that you are still trying to save all the money you can. So be sure to check out the available resources above if you want the best value on your travel that you can get. Check out STA Travel if you are willing to purchase a travel card beforehand. Or you can try Student Universe and their added opportunities for students. If you aren’t looking for any special student prizes you can instead try CheapOair or One Travel.  Either way, you are sure to have a very fulfilling experience if you take student flights across the world to have a memorable experience. Save as much as you can with the websites I mentioned and be sure to be safe on your travels.