South America Tour

Tours to take in South America

South America Tour

A South America Tour is a great way of exploring the beauty continent. South America is an interesting exotic land with much to offer anyone willing to explore its land. There are definitely dangerous areas that need to be taken into consideration but with the use of tours, you can be sure to stay on the safe sides of South America. In this article I will write down some South America tours and things to consider while on tour. So if you are considering traveling to South America, be sure to read on.

Rio to Lima Adventure

This tour will take you from Rio to Lima in 51 days. This South America Tour crosses through a number of different countries, starting at Rio de Janeiro and ending eastwards in Lima. At the beginning of the journey you will move past Paraguay, through Uruguay, and up Argentina.  Afterwards you cross Chile and go straight into Lima. This tour only contains about 15 people max, so you will be sure to know your fellow travelers as you adventure.  There are 22 different destinations visited in this tour so you can surely get a taste of what the culture is like throughout the region. This is a long trip filled with adventure and wonder. The accommodations include hostel, hotel, home-stay, camping, guesthouse , and sleeper bus. During this trip , you are likely in for a very natural experience. The methods of transportation available on this tour are train & rail, jeep & 4WD, boat, plane and ferry.  Be aware though, this is an expensive trip costing $5,999. So if you want a long and interesting experience in South America, check out the Rio to Lima Adventure.

Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and the Wine Country: Distinct highlights of Argentina

If  you are looking for a short South America tour you can choose the 9 day distinct highlights of Argentina trip.  The price is $3,490 per person to embark on this journey throughout Argentina. The accommodations are strictly 5-star hotels. Included in the package are private tours throughout historically relevant and interesting location. This tour takes 3 days in Buenos Aires so you can take in the local culture and customs in one of Argentina’s big city. The vibrant colored houses and streets will be sure to leave an impression as your private tour guide shows you around the beautiful city.   The tour then goes to Iguazu Falls for 2 nights where you can walk among 275 distinct cascades in the middle of the subtropical forest. Iguazu Falls is a beautiful place beyond explanation, it will be easy to get lost in all the marvelous beauty that exists there.   Then for the next 3 nights you are at Mendoza, heart of Argentina’s wine vineyard locations. In these 3 days you can experience the festivities of wine tasting.  On the final day you have a choice between doing more wine tasting, going biking, or even going hiking through the scenic condor canyon.


Brazil’s Green Coast: Rio, Paraty, & Ilha Grande

Another tour destination that may appeal to you is the South America tour around Brazil’s Green Coast.  This trip is more affordable than the previous trips costing $2,590 per person.  This trip also starts at Rio de Janeiro.  The tour starts with being picked up from the airport in the private tour vehicle and taken back to your hotel. On day 2 you are welcome to take a jeep tour of the mountains in Rio as well as see the statue of Christ the Redeemer.  On the third day you can relax and just stroll throughout Brazil and maybe take a cookery class.  Then on day 4, take a private boat and ride down the city of Paraty, an old colonial town that was central to the Brazil Gold Rush.  On day 5 take a trip throughout the nearby forests and look at awe-inspiring  beauty of Brazil’s jungles.  Then on day 6, you can check the town of Paraty more closely or you can take the boat to some abandoned beaches. Then on day 7 transfer by ferry into Ilha Grande.  On the 8th day you can trek along the beautiful rainforest or you can take a boat trip to the Lopez Mendez Beach. And then on day 9 you can try snorkeling through the beautiful waters of Brazil.  Then for day 10 , you get back to Rio de Janeiro and go back home.


Salta (Argentina), Atacama Desert (Chile) & Uyuni Salt Flats (Bolivia)


If you want a comparably cheaply priced South America tour, you can embark on the Salta, Atacama Desert, and Uyuni Sal t Flats tour. For only $1,351 you can embark on a 9 day tour across South America.  First thing when you arrive to Salta, you will be taken to your hotel where you will recommended to walk around the beautiful city.  On day 2 you will be taken into a large trip across the landscape where you will be able to marvel at the country’s beauty. This tour will go by historic ruins, scattered houses, small villages, and amazing landscapes. The first destination on your South America tour would be Campo Quijano. From then on the tour will go from village to village, a perfect time to practice photography. On day 3, the pace will lower a bit and you will be given more personal freedom about how you may want to spend your day. You can go to the world famous museum that houses mummies found in the Andes , or you can simply go to a cafe and talk with the locals. On day 4 you will take a bus to go to San Pedro de Atacama, this trip takes about 12 hours and is filled with views. On day 5 you will then visit the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth.  On day 6 you will get picked up to see the highest geyser in the world.  For the next 3 days you will venture to Uyuni  where you will visit many places along the way.

Here were just 4 different South America tours, be sure to research more if you are planning on going. There is a wide amount of choices available to someone who wants to go on a tour. If you go, be sure to be mindful, listen to the guides, and have fun. These trips are surely as memorable as they are fun.


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