Prison View – Welcome Home – 4

Chapter 3 - Part 4 of 5

Prison View

Harris walks back to his desk and sits down.

“Literally, you just got here,” Harris says back to Jabari.

“I’m already ready to leave.” Jabari retorts back as he folds his arms.

Harris laughs.

“Even, your information isn’t complete in the system yet.”

Jabari looks at him seriously.

“It’s going to be no more than 21 months of your 24-month sentence.  I’ll know more later.” Harris says as he begins clicking on his computer again.  “How about we focus on what I can tell you, like your communication abilities.”

Jabari unfolds his arms and sits up in his chair, as Harris continues clicking on his screen.

“Your personal access code (PAC) will allow you access to the email system.  Also, this code will allow you to set up your voiceprint in order to make phone calls.”

Jabari nods as Harris stops to check the time on the clock quickly.

“It probably won’t go on until tomorrow,” Harris says as he turns attention back from the clock to Jabari.

“So I will allow you to make a phone call before you leave my office to let your family know you are in and settling.”

Jabari nods as Harris continue talking and clicking on the computer.

As Harris continues to type and click on screens, Jabari starts to think about the fact that he might have to serve the vast majority of his two-year sentence in Petersburg. Before coming to camp, the info he found stated he would be out to do a year of the halfway house and home confinement, but Harris’s explanation does not coincide with what he read on the internet.

“Here you go,” Harris says as he finishes scribbling a nine-digit number on a sticky note, handing it to Jabari.

Jabari accepts the note and looks at it.

“That is your nine digit PAC number and on the other side your temporary 4 digit pin.  Don’t share this with anyone, because it is all you need to access your account.” Harris says as Jabari finishes examining the post-it note and put it in his pocket.

“When you leave here, try out that number and make sure it works.  Once you are in the system, you will set up your voice recognition. Tomorrow, when you go to the commissary, you will set up your fingerprint.  Once the fingerprint is done, you won’t need that pin anymore.”

“So, phone today.  Email and commissary tomorrow.  Almost done and then I will get you out of here.” Harris says as he goes back to finish up all of the information and then closes out Jabari’s file.

“Now, before I let you go, is there anyone, in particular, you would like to call?” Harris asks Jabari as he picks up the phone.

“Yes.  I’d like to call, my girlfriend.” Jabari replies in an almost defeated tone.

Harris places the phone down for a second.

“Hey man.  Trust me; two years isn’t the end of the world.  Most people here have five to ten years left.  By the time you look up, all of this will be over.”  Harris says to a nod of understanding from Jabari before picking the handset back up and turning the phone around to allow Jabari to dial.


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