Prison View – Self Surrender-4

Chapter 1 - part 4 of 5

Prison View

Dean is leaning against the supply room door, as Slack ascends the steps from finishing up his morning routine set back from the morning search.

“It’s about time.  I want to get this stuff done before this new guy gets here,” Dean says a little agitated.

“Yeah yeah, you were there this morning right next to me,” retorts Slack as Dean adjusts himself off the door and walks over to Correction Officer Morrison’s door to get his attention.

Dean knocks.

“I want to get to the weight pile right after lunch chow today,” Dean says as he knocks again. “Hey Mo, Slack just got here.  Can you open the door for us?”

The door opens and CORRECTION OFFICER MORRISON pokes his head out.

“It’s about time Slack.  You know I’m going to dock your pay for being two hours late for work.”

Slack replies with a shrug of his shoulders, “you going to dock me a whole $.25?”

Dean laughs.

“Just open the door man,” Slack says as he walks towards the supply room door.

CO Morrison looks at his phone and gives orders to them both.

“Okay.  Get in and get it done.”

Morrison stops at the door with his keys in his hand and turns towards them both, “and don’t steal nothing.”

Morrison unlocks the door.

“Hurry up too.  I’m hungry and I want to go to lunch.”

Morrison puts his keys away and pulls out his phone walking back to his office and shuts the door.

“I hate that lazy asshole,” Slack says to Dean as he shakes his head in agreement.  “He talkin’ about he going to take a whole quarter out of my pay.  I barely make $15 a month doing this damn job in the first place.”

“Don’t worry about it man,” Dean says after he laughs again.  “This is the job these cops get to boost their ego.  You know they probably got shitty lives at home, or they wouldn’t be here.   Plus-“

Slack and Dean entered the supply room and closed the door behind them.

“Plus you’ve seen pictures of his girl.  He might as well be locked up in here with us.”

They both laugh as Slack points Dean towards the supplies they need in the room.

“This new guy should be here soon. His check in is at 11:30.”

They both look up at the analog clock on the wall saying “9:45”.

Dean walks over to the supply rack to grab two rolls of 1 ply toilet paper, while Slack picks up a file off the desk in the corner.

“He better be here before noon or he will be spending the night in the SHU.  That would be a shitty way for him to start out here,” says Slack as he takes a seat.

“Oh hey!  He’s a Tidewater area guy.  A black, white collar guy!” Slack exclaims with excitement.

As Slack continues to read, Dean throws a travel tooth brush, then generic chalky soap, two thin sheets, two thin blankets, a cheap stick of deodorant and a bag of extra cheap made in China laundry detergent in a pile for Jabari’s arrival.

“Self Surrenders are the worst aren’t they,” Dean replies taking a seat after finishing his task.

Slack continues to read out loud.“ Let’s see. Two years.  Damn!  That’s all he got for 3 million dollars?!?!  I should have stolen money instead of selling drugs!”

They both laugh.

“I guess they make you in our color too.  He’ in here for mortgage fraud,” Slack says finishing the file and throwing it on the desk.


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