Prison View – Self Surrender-3

Chapter 1 - part 3 of 5

Prison View

Jabari merges onto the interstate near his home in the BMW that he cherishes with April riding shotgun.  It was the first thing he purchased for himself when he started working for ANTHONY BENET, the developer that ultimately put him on the route to the prison camp that he is currently on.

The snow is melting and water is streaming from the windshield as he accelerates to begin this leg of his journey.  April is looking out of her passenger side window taking in their last sights together and begins to tear up knowing what is at the end of this drive.

“I wonder how much of this is going to be different when I get back here,” Jabari says as he finishes merging onto the interstate and notices April is quiet.   After a few moments of silence, Jabari notices a sign saying one of his favorite stores is going out of business.  “At least one thing is going to change for sure.”

“I keep telling myself it is only going to be two years,” April says softly avoiding eye contact with Jabari and breaking the awkwardness of silence between them.

“I keep telling myself it’s only two years too,” Jabari says half sarcastically.  “Many of those guys are just like me though; I’m not too worried about it.  The time isn’t the major issue; it’s the felony I’m upset about.”

“It’s just going to be really lonely without you, is what I’m trying to say,” April replies to him as her voice audibly cracks a little holding back tears.

“Yeah you think you are going to be lonely…I’m going to be stuck in the middle of the woods with hundreds of men for the next two years of my life,” replies Jabari.

He glances at April who isn’t returning his attention.

“When I found out two months ago I was going in; we talked about this April.”

April nods silently and Jabari grows upset with her sensing she is about to start crying again.

“Jesus Christ!  Are you really doing this to me right now April?” Jabari says as he grows upset, partially because he knows deep down he is the cause of her pain. “I am literally on my way to prison! What is it you want me to do about all of this now!”

“Nothing,” April says as she bursts into tears.

“April.  I didn’t.  Fuck.”  Jabari starts to calm down.

“I know,” April replies.

“Think about how my life is about to change right now.   I’m about to lose my freedom.  I’m about to lose my damn name.”

April nods.

“Hang out with your girlfriends.  You said you wanted to go to Europe…go!”  Jabari says.  “You don’t have to sit around waiting on me every day.  I understand life goes on.”

April wipes away a tear and turns towards Jabari.  “You know I’m going to be here when this is all over,” April says to him with the smile he fell in love with.

“I know that yo-” Jabari’s reply is cut off by the GPS

“One hour until your destination.”


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