Prison View – Intake – Part 4

Part 4 of 5

Prison View

Jabari sighs as he gathers the required items out of the bag as Spears disappears into the laundry room.

Jabari enters the laundry room and sees Spears leaning up against the corner of the laundry room with a balmy breeze coming from the Air conditioning unit.

Jabari puts the clothes he brought in with him to the laundry container to his right.

“Let’s get this done fast.  I have somewhere to be at 3 pm.” Spears says as he glances at his watch.

Jabari begins to awkwardly and quickly remove the clothing that he has on.

Spears stands straight up and walks to the middle of the room and then motions for Jabari to meet him.

“Ok. This is your first time, so I will break it down for you.” Spears says to Jabari. “Do all of these movements one by one. Lift your sack.  Now squat.  While you are down there, cough.  Stand up.  Lift your right foot.  Now your left foot.”

As Spears sounds off the instructions, Jabari awkwardly tries to accommodate his commands while avoiding the leering of Spear’s eyes.

“Okay.  You are good.  Get dressed and meet me back in the other room.” Spears says as he walks back into the main room leaving Jabari in the laundry room naked.

Jabari gathers his clothing from the laundry container.  He dresses in his first prison uniform and then heads back out to meet with Spears.

When he enters the main room, Spears is on the telephone and directs him to the bench where he originally came in.

As Jabari sits down, Spears hangs up the phone.

“The staff will be here soon.  Sit tight.  You will see the physician first.  After that you will see Psych; then Prison police and then we will get you over to the camp,” Spears states before sitting back down behind his desk and looking at the time to see it is 12:55.

Minutes later the ON DUTY PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT of the camp walks in hurriedly, reeking of a cigarette smell.  He points Jabari to the room next to the bench he currently is occupying and they both enter, closing the door behind them.

Jabari takes a seat near the window and the On Duty Physician Assistant takes a seat right after Jabari.

“You got AIDS?  You gay?  You got any diseases or allergies?” Says the On Duty Physician Assistant.

“No. No. Asthma and shellfish?” Jabari replies semi-hopeful that he answered coherently in the correct order.

“Ok.  We are good,” states the physician scribbling some notes on Jabari’s file before looking back up at him.  “Be careful of shellfish in the buildings.  It’s all over the place.  The CO on watch will always have epinephrine if you have an allergic reaction.  If you do, they will administer one and give one of us a call.”

With that, the Physician Assistant stands up and shakes Jabari’s hand and they both walk to exit the room.

In the main room when they emerge from the room they see the PSYCHOLOGIST sitting down chatting with Spears.

“You are it,” says the Physician Assistant as he exits the main room and the Psychologist gets up and redirects Jabari back into the same room he just exited.

“We are going right back in there,” she says with a smile.

Jabari sits back down in the same chair and she enters closing the door behind her.

She sits down with his file and quickly scans it again.

“Have you ever thought about killing yourself?” She states as she looks up from the file with a quiet voice as if she were whispering.

“Right now or in general?” Jabari replies semi-confused.

“In general,” she says whispering again.

“No, I don’t feel suicidal if that is what you are trying to ask me,” Jabari replies to a nod of understanding from the Psychologist.

“How am I angry?  You are- “Jabari’s statement is interrupted by the Psychologist putting her hand up.

“You have a right to be upset,” she says as she calms Jabari down from the rant he was about to start. “But this isn’t the time to discuss it.  You will be scheduled for conversations with my department for the time you are here.  So as long as you aren’t suicidal-“she says stopping for one more confirmation look from Jabari,”-follow me back out for now until Officer Shylock gets here.”

Jabari nods and they both stand up and she opens the door exiting the room.

Jabari sits back down on the bench just outside the room as the Psychologist walks up to Spears to say goodbye.

Spears glances up at the clock and then sits down with a little annoyance.

A few moments later OFFICER SHYLOCK, a small thin man around 5′ 6” with the crew cut of a departed army veteran, enters.

After nodding at Spears, he approaches Jabari and reaches out his hand to shake his.

Jabari stands up and shakes his.

“Dixon right?” says Shylock.

Jabari nods.

“Let’s go in here” states Shylock, motioning for him to once again enter the same room, for now, the third time.

Jabari sits down and Shylock enters behind him and places the red folder he brought with him down on the table.

He reaches behind his back and pulls out his handcuffs from his belt.

“You see these?  I don’t ever want to use these on you. Behave yourself, stay out of trouble and you will make it out of this place pretty quickly,” Shylock says laying the handcuffs in front of him on top of the red folder.


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