Prison View – Intake – Part 2

Part 2 of 5

Prison View

The security checkpoint that Jabari has just arrived in is a small area splitting the front office from the prison compound.  It consists of two levels of security doors that must be walked through separately, similar to that of a decontamination area in a hospital.

Once through both sets of security doors, another heavier metal door becomes visible to Jabari, which is obviously to provide more security than the doors that Jabari just passed through.  Just passed the security checkpoint is a room with security glass.

Jabari approaches the checkpoint, where his eyes are met with those of the random SECURITY CO currently manning the checkpoint.

“Name and Number, Last name first.” The Security CO says.

“Dixon, Jabari. Number 93402 – 083” Jabari recites.

“Which prison sir?” she states as he approaches.

Jabari returns a confused look, causing her to clarify. “Are you headed to Low or Camp?”

“Oh! Camp! I’m definitely the Camp!” Jabari says with nervous excitement.

“Okay.  Please step back while I open the bars,” states the Security CO as the motorized bars from the front office buzz as they begin to start closing.  After the doors in the front office close, the internal bars of the prison open consecutively.

Once the gate is open Jabari is joined once again by CO Spears.

They walk through the first set of doors.

As the first set of doors close and the second set of doors begin to open, CO Spears turns and addresses Jabari. “Once we get through this next set of doors, you are going to need to move quickly today.  You are a Camper and the prison is on lockdown until we get you secured in Receiving.”

Jabari nods.  “The good thing is the same place where you will be received is where you will be discharged and I know you can’t wait for that day,” CO Spears says with a smile.

The second set of doors finally open, exposing the outdoors and the rest of the Low Prison to Jabari.  There is melting snow everywhere from the snowstorm that he and April drove through on the way to the prison.  Seven buildings look like they were barrack build back during World War I.  Each of the seven barracks has metal bars affixed to the windows.

As they begin to walk away from the security doors, the whipping cold wind coming from the direction of the James River reminds Jabari to keep track of his movements.  Remembering the upcoming twists and turns would allow him to start planning how to eliminate his outdoor weather exposure.

After making a sharp right out of the door and down a walking path, they arrive at the basement of the nearest building.  This building is located closest to the electrified barbed wired fence and the visitor parking lot.

As they proceed down the steps to the basement CO Spears points towards the visitor parking lot.

“That is where you will meet your family when it’s time for you to leave,” Spears says as they move down the icy covered steps and into the receiving office.

Once they are both inside, CO Spears closes the door and motions for Jabari to take a seat in the chairs underneath the windows on the opposite side.

CO Spears places his clipboard on the desk and picks up the phone to dial a number.

“All Clear. Activities can continue.”  He states over the phone.  He hangs up the phone and takes a seat at his desk.


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