The Pit – Chapter 1 – Part 2

Chapter 1 - Part 2 of 3

The Pit

Smoke fills the air of a different type of gaming establishment.

As the smoke clears, Peter Serpico, a 39- year-old overweight Italian, is sitting and playing Blackjack and sweating profusely. His chip count is low, and his posture shows it.

He puts out the marijuana joint into the ashtray next to his house companion, Zoey, a 25 year old tall blonde with blue eyes.

“What do you think?  All in?” Peter says to Zoey.

She shrugs, “It’s been a tough night for you today, Peter.”

He ponders for a second.

“Fuck it,” Peter says as he pushes the remaining chip stack on a single hand of Blackjack.

“Good Luck.” Says the Dealer as he begins to reshuffle the single deck.

Peter turns to Zoey.

“I need this win, Zoe.  If I can turn this grand into 2, I can get on a run.”

Zoey nods.

“If I lose, I owe this place a lot of money, and I may never see you again,” Peter says as the Dealer presents the single deck to Peter to cut.

“Be confident in your choices.  Cut the cards.” Zoey says as she slides the plastic cut card to Peter.

Peter nods and inserts the plastic cut card.

The Dealer pulls the deck back and finishes the cut by placing one-half on top of the other and removing the top card from play.

“I mean it, Zoey.  I took out a line of credit.” Peter says before lowering his voice to a whisper.  “I took out 50 grand tonight hoping that I could hit it big and finally get you out of this life.” Peter continues while placing his hand on her thigh.

His touch makes Zoey slightly uncomfortable, but her smile doesn’t show it.

“Either way Peter,” she starts while shifting a little bit in her chair, “I’m sure you will figure something out.  They wouldn’t have let you take out the loan if you weren’t good for it.” Zoey says with a smile.  “We all have good days and bad days.”

The cards begin being dealt.

Peter receives a “10 of Spades,” and he pounds the table excitedly.

The Dealer places a facedown card in front of him.

The Dealer then deals Peter another card.  “6 of Hearts.”

The Dealer then places a card face up on top of his face down card. “King of Hearts.”

“Damn it!” Peter says in frustration.  “The same shit cards that I have been getting all night.”

Peter wipes the sweat off of his forehead and turns to Zoey.

“What do you think, Zoe?” Peter asks.

Zoey shrugs her shoulders.  “There are too many combinations out there.  He isn’t showing a bust card, and there are tons of cards in that deck.” She says knowing that the rules say you hit in this situation.

Peter sighs knowing the rules as well and taps the table to indicate to the Dealer that he would like another card.

The Dealer pulls another card and lays it on top of Peter’s first two face up cards.

“Bust.” The Dealer says, placing the “7 of Diamonds” on top of Peter’s already 16.

The Dealer flips his bottom card to reveal a “4 of Clubs”.

“Dealer has 14”. The Dealer says.

“Either fucking way!” Peter says as he hits the table hard.

Peter stands up from the table, and Zoey gets up to hug him.

“I’m in deep trouble, Zoe.  I need to find some money quickly.” Peter says leaving her standing there waiting for her hug.


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