The Pit – Chapter 1 – Part 1

Chapter 1 - Part 1 of 3

The Pit

The sounds of slot machines fill the air, as a sliding elevator door opens to reveal the inner workings of the crowded ground floor of “The Wild Coyote.”

This new spot for nightlife in Casa Rica, Arizona has been attracting crowds of all sorts looking for something to escape the Arizona heat.

A young, flashy mid 20s male emerges from the occupied elevator, flanked on both sides by scantily clad women.  They quickly make a right, and the casino expands to display an upscale club located right inside.

As the trio walks towards the noticeably shorter VIP line, a Brunette enters the Casino with the temperate air, ushering her in passed the lines of commoners waiting their turn to get into the club.

The tall Brunette, wrapped in a tight black dress, walks towards the gaming floor with a sea of a variety of table games of her pleasure.  Her 5′ 4″ frame in 5″ inch heels gives her the perfect high to show off her body to the men in the Pit.

She brushes back her blonde-streaked hair as she descends a set of steps and passes a tall gentleman named Julian ‘Jules’ Brown, who is standing just off to the right after she gracefully takes her last step down to the floor.

Her face is accentuated by her choice of red lipstick, which along with her beautiful green and blue eyes, catches his attention and they turn towards each other briefly and steal a moment of eye contact from one another as she doesn’t break her stride.

She walks into the main section of the gaming tables.  She scans the room looking for a place to sit, as men are being pulled away from their sinful delights by the scent of her perfume and the sight of her body.

Looking to her left, the Brunette sees a lonely, old man playing one on one with the Dealer at a Blackjack table and starts to walk over to take a seat.

As she approaches the table, Julian watches her from behind.

He watches as she begins her approach towards the older gentleman, and he begins to walk over in her direction.  As he is getting closer to the table, he is stopped by an attractive Latina, who blocks his path and point of view.

The Brunette sits down next to the older Gentleman and rests her hand gently onto his arm.

Julian attempts to see what is going on at the table, but the drunken Latina restricts his point of view and movements.

Back at the Blackjack table, the Brunette begins to get into the action, playing a chip or two and striking up a conversation. She reveals a little bit of her right thigh to entice the older Gentleman and then looks away to give him a guilt-free glance, before turning back to re-engage with him.

The sight of the Brunette working her charms are lost on everyone in the casino, except Julian.  Finally ridding himself of the drunken Latina, he is back to the prize that he set his eyes on earlier in the night.

The older Gentleman adjusts his collar, as the wins keep stacking up and the Brunette continues to become more flirtatious.  The affection of the Brunette brings a goofy smile to his face.  He leans in to whisper something in her ear, and after a moment, she looks him in the eyes and nods with a smile.

A group of Card Dealers emerge from the back area of the casino and head towards the Pit, blocking the view of Julian once again.  He moves to another area of the gaming floor for a better vantage point.

From his new spot on the floor, he sees the old Gentleman whisper something else into her ear.

She playfully nods at the Gentleman again.

As the card dealers from the back begin replacing the ones currently working the tables, the gentleman turns to get the attention of the waitress, and the Brunette makes her move.

She springs her plan of removing six lower denominational chips from a small black pouch just above her exposed right thigh and quickly switches them out with some of the Gentleman’s while no one is paying attention. The room is oblivious of how cunning she is except for Julian, who is watching attentively from his new vantage point.

He smiles at the crafty sleight of hand that the woman displays, as she places her winnings back into the pouch on her thigh before lowering her dress back down slightly.

As the older Gentleman turns back from the waitress, the Brunette whispers something else into his ear before getting up to leave the table.


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