Minimalist Living

Living as a Minimalist

Minimalist Living
Minimalist Living

Being a Minimalist is defined as living with as little non-essential material possessions as possible. People work every day to acquire value to exchange for things such as exotic cars and amazing nights out in foreign countries.   Having money is important because it allows you to free up your life in order to pursue the things that you want to pursue.  Please see this article on Why consumerism will destroy you on medium.

But think of it this way:  Is it important to own an abundance of material objects if you are going to have to give your time to maintain it all? Some consider not owning a lot of things a big loss in life, however, time is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. A minimalist lifestyle is probably an ideal shift in one’s methodologies.

More Joy in Less Living

This could be a life changing, radical idea for you.  The idea of having fewer possessions offers the best approach to appreciating the things you do actually have.  In doing so, you would have the idea of making a simple life – far from the life you imagined.  Everything costs money, which means everything ultimately costs your time.

This might be uncomfortable for some people, but the thought of it offers you the benefits that you will be grateful to have in the future. One of these is having fewer debts and having a deeper self value by investing your time in the things that you value.   Here are some ways that you can begin to live simply:

Remove and Sell Unused Clothes and other objects

Give your closet a great cleanup as you get rid of your old clothes and objects.  I have been told by many people that they “feel” everything that they own, whether they see it or not.  This is why spring cleaning is cleansing of the old to bring in the new.  Here, you are doing your best to lessen the burden and stress you have in keeping these unnecessary items in your life. By giving a light touch on your closet or garage, you are ensuring you have less to worry about later, and maybe some extra money to put towards your new future self.

If money is not an object for you, you could donate your unwanted items to those less fortunate than you.  This does come with a tax credit that you can find more out on at your local donation center.   You not only then are making your life easier, but also making someone’s life a little easier also.

Stop paying for others to make your life easier

Fast food?  It saves you time, but is it the best thing for your health? Cable is great, but do you watch every channel they make you buy and how often are you home?  Unless you are successful, you should be living with two or three friends that you go so far back with that you know they won’t betray you.

Invest your time in things that will make you a better person or that help you towards your eventual retirement.  Living a minimalist life changes the way you handle the things that you declare are important to you in your life.  Without cable, I spend more time with my family.  Without eating fast food, I lost more weight by taking a little more time and making healthier eating decisions

Keep a weekly expense and monthly budget

Track what you do with your money.  Most individuals do not know how much money they actually spend on a daily basis.  A $3 cup of coffee, five days a week for a year equates to $780 subtracted to your net income (this is after taxes) every year.  If you work 30 years you just spent $23,400 on that one cup of coffee.  What could you do with $23,400?  And that is just a cup of coffee.

Absolutely have to have a car? The average American spends about $9,000/year per car.  Average cost to raise a kid born in 2017? That cost will be around $235,000, and that is only until they reach 17 years old.  What could you do with $235,000/kid?

What does all of this do?

Without thinking of your future and working backwards to your present and making a plan, you will destroy your future before it starts.  Everything that costs you your money will cost your time to maintain.  If you want to chase your dreams, you cannot hang on to material things or value them beyond what they are.