Interviews: Dressing Appropriately (Men)

Interview attire for men

When you have a job interview you definitely want to make an excellent first impression, dressing appropriately is a must to make the best impression that you can. It is likely that how you dress for an interview will look little with how you would dress on the job. Whether you are a male or a female, the best bet for your interview is to wear a suit.  Be sure to dress as well as you can for the interview, it is generally never a good idea to dress less formally than may be expected. There are a few types of type of clothing styles that may be more appropriate for different types of businesses. Depending on the type of business will determine if you should dress business casual, or business formal. In the following article, I will go more in depth of what should be worn to make the best impression at a job interview.

For men

A formal suit works best for a more professional job.  A formal suit means the following apparel, a matching jacket and pants, dress shirt, tie, coordinating socks and dress shoes. Avoid any loud or bright colors that may be overly attention grabbing. A dark suit with a light colored shirt would likely be your best option. Also avoid any ties that are overly flashy too, a proper tie for an interview should have a basic design. Make sure that your clothing fits well, too tight or too loose will make it so you are less comfortable for your interview. Properly fitted clothes will make sure you look and feel best for your interview. Clothing for a job interview should be neat, clean, and pressed. It will be necessary to iron your suit so that it looks as well as it possibly can. If you are a male, don’t wear cologne or aftershave, you do not want to smell overpowering. Also make sure that you brush your teeth before the interview. Be sure also not to smoke before an interview, one of the biggest ways to look bad for a  job interview is to give off any unpleasant smells.  And your hair should also be neat, clean, and conservative.

Although it may be more acceptable to dress a bit more casually the second interview, still be sure to dress formally. Shoes should be well polished and in good conditioned. It would also be a good idea to match your dress shoes with your belt. Also be sure to shave the morning before your interview, if you have a beard or mustache make sure that it is trimmed and neat looking. Don’t worry if there is a lot of details on dress code for the interview, there is unlikely to be such need for attention to detail on the job.


If you are interviewing for a start-up company or a non professional job you can try dressing business casual. Business casual is in the middle of very formal attire and casual clothing you would wear on the streets. A sweater and button down worn with khakis is a good example of business casual. A navy blue blazer can work well with business casual or business formal attire.

In conclusion

It is important to dress as well as you can for a job interview so that you can best present yourself. It is generally best to dress more conservatively for a job interview. If you are a male, a  suit is likely your best bet. Be sure that your suit is clean and ironed and be sure to wash your teeth and shave the morning before your interview. If you are a female you can wear a skirt instead of pants. Be sure to wear subtle and flattering makeup. If you follow the advice mentioned above, you can be sure to make the best first impression in your job interview.