Free College Tuition

Free College Tuition

College tuition can be expensive, luckily there are certain opportunities that exist to be able to get free college tuition. These opportunities typically come with some amount of fine print that should be read. It is difficult to find free college programs so it can be well worth searching for more options that are available. Such options include the Alice Lloyd college in Kentucky, another being the Barclay college in Kansas, another being Berea college also in Kentucky, and also the College of Ozarks in Missouri. There are other college programs that also offer free tuition options that I will write about in this article. There are also certain scholarships available that offer full-ride scholarships to certain students.


Alice Lloyd College (KY)

The Alice Lloyd college is a small school in Kentucky that offers free tuition for students who live in the Central Appalachians area.  College tuition is covered for up to 10 semesters at the school. The amount of tuition support is variable upon the needs of the student, when factored in with other financial support a student can receive the tuition is paid in full. One cost that comes with the program is that all students must be part of the student-work program. Jobs include maintenance, community service, and other duties. Unfortunately, students are expected to pay for any boarding costs for living at the college.


Barclay College (KS)

Students who live on campus at Barclay College all receive free college tuition. All students including

internationals are applicable for the free tuition opportunity. Barclay College is a Christian college and offers free tuition so that its graduates are not burdened by debt. The school offers courses on bible/theology, business administration, missions, nursing for missions, pastoral ministry, psychology and family studies, sports and recreation ministry, worship arts and youth ministry.


Berea College(KY)

Berea College offers free tuition to all students who are accepted for a total of 100,000 dollars in support for four years. The school primarily excepts students who live from Appalachia who  are financially disadvantaged, and show academically promising performance. All students must work at least 10 hours per week on campus in one of 130 available departments. Although this school primarily takes students from Appalachia, it also accepts students from all across the world. One in three students is a minority according to the school’s website. This school has an inclusive Christian character with its motto being “God has made one blood all peoples on Earth”.


The College of Ozarks(MO)

This college in Ozarks offers a package that is free to most applying students. The school’s website describes that the work program plus federal and state grants plus the College of Ozarks scholarship will result in free tuition for the student. Each student is expected to work 15 hours per week , with 2 forty weeks per year. Part-time students will pay $310  per college hour. Only full time students can expect to receive free college tuition.  The College of Ozarks is  Christian school that says partying and drinking is not allowed on campus and unwholesome attire is not the standard.


Curtis Institute of Music(PA)


Any student wishing to gain acceptance into the Curtis Institute of Music must first audition. This school offers a scholarship to each undergraduate student equaling $41, 087 and $51,924 for graduate students. Although this school offers free tuition, there are still fees that must be paid for each student. There is a comprehensive fee that pays for text-books and course related materials. There is also a $1,100 health services fee so that students can use the University of Pennsylvania Student Health Service as primarily physical health care. There is also a $125 fee for internet.


Deep Springs College (CA)

This college is a two-year institution that offers free college tuition. Deep Springs College is located on a cattle-ranch and alfalfa farm. Unfortunately, Deep Springs College does not award bachelor degrees. This college is a fairly small college accepting incoming classes of 14 students. The college in total is between 24 and 30 students. Although the school offers free college tuition, there are certain fees the college asks of the students. These fees include a small damage deposit, price of textbooks, travel, medical insurance, and incidental expenses. In cases of demonstrated financial need, these fees can also be paid by the scholarship. Deep Springs College does not accept students over the age of 23 or that already have a bachelors degree.


Webb Institute(NY)

This college is a small engineering school in New York State that gives full tuition to all students who are U.S citizens or permanent residents. International students are expected to pay tuition and fees. The scholarship awarded by this school is totaled at about $48,350. For the 2016-2017 school year Webb Institute accepted only 91 students. This school offers only one course of study, which is a dual degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. Although this college has free tuition, the students are still expected to pay for room, board and other expenses. There are a total of approximately $20,725 in fees that students are expected to pay.


Presidential Elite Scholar Grant at University of Alabama


This is a full ride scholarship that the University of Alabama awards for high performing academics. To win this award a student must have a 4.0 GPA, a 36 ACT or 1600 SAT score. This scholarship awards up to 4 years of undergraduate tuition, and graduate or law studies. This scholarship also awards one year of on-campus housing, $1000 stipend for 4 years, $2,000 allowance for use in summer research or international study at UA, and a $2,000 book scholarship.


In conclusion


Finding available options for free college tuition can be difficult but they are out there. Being willing to relocate will greatly increase your abilities to find a school that offers free college tuition. I have listed only one available option for full-ride college tuition. If you search more, you will surely be able to find more scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition. Good luck on your search for free college tuition.