Filling out a College Application

Important tips for filling out College Applications

College Application

When it comes to the process of college application, there are many different factors a student has to keep in mind. Such factors include which college the student is applying for, different colleges expect different things in their applications. Another factor that needs to be considered is the GPA of the student applying. GPA itself can keep a student from specific colleges while potentially assuring entry into others. Applying for colleges is a long process that should be taken very seriously by the student. Most colleges will want an essay written that describes the life of the student and explains why he or she should be allowed entry into the college. This decision is one that will affect the student for the rest of their life so research well the colleges you are applying for.  There are notable differences in the process from students directly out of high school to the process for students transferring from another college.

A college application includes a series of pieces of information about what the student has been doing and his or her success in school. For high school students transferring directly to a four-year college the schools will expect a series of test done by the student. These tests typically do not need to be done by a student transferring from a junior college. Within the college application you will want to include every extracurricular activity that you have been doing. Any hobbies or personal crafts should be included. Most people checking admissions to colleges are looking for an active student who is willing to have multiple interests outside of school and remain busy.

The GPA is a  very important score that will dictate much of the options that you have when applying to certain colleges. That are colleges that only accept students with GPAs higher than 3.0, the most competitive colleges will have their most commonly entering students holding 4.0s. Luckily there are things that you can do if you do not have the highest GPA to put on your college application. You have the choice of going to a junior college and taking classes until your GPA is high enough to be admitted into more colleges. Once in junior college, four-year universities will focus more of their attention on what you did in there rather than what you did in high school.

When filling out a college application it is of the highest priority to be completely honest. If the reviewers find that you plagiarized an essay or lied on your application, you will be  kicked out immediately. The reviewers of college applications are very serious about academic integrity and honesty in the process of admissions.  So be sure to be completely honest or else your application will be thrown out.  Sending in applications will most typically come with a fee as well that is non-refundable, so if your application is thrown out you will have basically thrown away that application fee money.

It is very common for a college to request an essay that explains the passions of the student and also gives reason for why the student should get accepted into the college they are applying to. These essays are considered  very critical when assigned and are given high importance by the admissions committees. So if you are assigned an essay, be sure to carefully read through the rules regarding the essay. The essays will typically want to look deep into your thoughts and beliefs, so be sure to think deeply and put that on the paper.

There are definite differences between colleges, so before you apply you should research a university well in advance.  See how dense the student classes are, some colleges are more spacey while others are more so filled up with students.  Check to see what the programs are like regarding your major, you wouldn’t want to go to a college that has very little options for your focus in study. Also check the graduation rate to get a glimpse at the odds of succeeding the program to begin with. Some colleges have a very little percentage of their students graduating, this is typically a bad sign for the quality of the school.  Also check the student to faculty ratio, this will give you an idea of how likely you will be able to talk to your professors and other faculty members from your school. Also check what are the job placements like after graduation. Some schools are excellent at making sure their students get hired after graduation while other colleges put less effort for job placements after school ends.

There are many things to consider when filling a college application, the college you go to will be your home for quite a while. Location is another important factor to consider in applying for colleges. If a college is close to your hometown, you can  see your family and friends very often compared to if you lived distant from them.  Size of the campus is also worth checking, the larger the campus size the more difficult it will be to get from class to class.  Some students also really want to party, so checking to see if a college is a party school can be worth finding out.  Finding out the cost of the school should be one of the first things you do, graduating with heavy loans may not be worth it if you can find another viable school that is simply less expensive.

So when you are filling out a college application, be sure to keep these things in mind. What is your GPA like and is it worth it to go to junior college to raise your grades. Write a passionate and captivating essay if one is assigned of you.  Be sure to be completely honest on your college application otherwise you can expect to get kicked out before you even make it in the school. And to see if the school is right for you, check the size of the school. See if the school is a party school and check the total cost of the college. Whatever you choose to do, be mindful and research your decision well.