Eat for your health

Eating healthy makes you healthy.

Eat for Health

When considering a healthy way of living or “diet” routine one is overwhelmed these days.  You can scroll the internet, turn on the tube, flip a magazine in the Doctor’s office and definitely become dizzy with all the products being promoted and shouting at you.  Whether we are talking food supplements, skin cream, holistic medicine, probiotics the list goes on and on, but we only have a have a few pages to fit this all in so I’ll stop right there.  We talk to so many people who take this and take that, who do this and do that, but a lot of times it seems they may be spinning their wheels without much at the finish line.  What we will do for you today is outline some of our thoughts and evaluations from years of trying so many different products and paths to better wellness.  This is not the end all be all, of course, these are simply rules or guidelines you can try to stick to which have been a good and stable foundation for my own well-being and we believe at a simple level they can work for anyone.


We want to first say to anyone and everyone that you must know yourself and your body.  You must pay attention to the subtle changes, triggers, and notifications your body is having at any given time.  This may sound easy or maybe a bit odd to some, but this simple task is the cornerstone of any person’s well-being.  It is also important to remember that every ”body” is different.  So sometimes what works for your friend may not entirely work for you or this amount works for him or her but this amount works for me etc.  So now that that’s on the table let’s get into some specifics.


First, let’s start with a good multivitamin.  We prefer the Alive liquid multi and if not we prefer to use Men’s 1 a day chewables. (They have a women’s brand also) always chose liquid or chewables over pill form as they get into the system better and are less hard on your liver.  The next thing is making sure you get enough protein in your diet, this is important for muscle recovery from workouts and it keeps your muscle from turning into fat.  Good protein can be found in many shapes and sizes.  If you are a Carnivore then try to eat lean chicken along with some grass fed beef or buffalo meat during the week.  Also salmon and tuna are great lean ways to get your protein intake where you need it.  Also use a clean protein shake after every workout.  When we say clean that means to use a powder without any extra fillers as a lot of the companies out there use fillers in their products and what this does is hurts the absorption of protein into your muscles and just gets wasted from your body.  Try Pro Flex V7.  If you are not a meat eater there are options like tofu, vegan or veggie burgers, and sausages, plus several protein powders that are rice based or plant based which we feel the plant based ones are superior.  One of your staples should be juicing.  Have one or two different recipe’s a day.  For this you can kind of do it blind and just sort of listen to what your body seems to need that day or at that time.  However a nice go to recipe is kale, cucumber, tomato, lemon, blueberry, apple and raspberry.  Add flax seed to this occasionally or even maca powder.


There we have it.  That’s it.  There is a simple routine that is not overwhelming and very easy to follow.  I will remind you to drink water throughout the day.  A good thing do is put some lemon peeling in your water pitcher or cucumber slices in there for health and flavor.  Also at some point in the day remember to take 15 minutes for breathing/relaxation/meditation whatever you like to call it. Again this is a just a simple and very easy way to better your well-being and livelihood.  Plus you’ll feel absolutely great.