DNA Exercise

Preserve You DNA and Slow the Aging Process with Exercise

dna exercise

DNA Exercise

DNA Exercise. Its a term I coined for the benefits provided by keeping yourself healthy. We all know that exercise is good for us.  It reduces stress, strengthens your heart, lowers blood pressure, produces endorphins that enhance your mood and daily outlook and it gives you a sense of accomplishment.  However, let’s add preserves your youth DNA and slows the process of aging.

How to slow biological aging?

Brigham Young University (BYU) is looking into that answer.  University researchers conducted a study recently where they found that exercise at moderate to high-level intensity actually produces longer telomeres in a person’s DNA.

Strings of DNA called telomeres are proteins that lie at the end of a chromosome.  The function of these strings is solely to protect the chromosome from deteriorating.  Telomeres mostly shrink and get shorter as cells mature or age.  Our chromosomes end up losing vital data for the function and support of the body if they don’t have these proteins or have a shortage of telomeres.

No need for plastic surgery.

According to the BYU study people who exercise at high-intensity levels and for longer periods of time have a biological age of nine years less than those who aren’t active.  However, at the same time, those who are involved in moderate-intensity activities do not age all that much slower than low intensity or non-active people, the biological age of high-intensity humans is seven years younger than their moderately active counterparts.

What this tells us is that to achieve anti-aging benefits from exercise one must be highly active and get in a high-intensity workout.  People should involve a form of cardiovascular workouts in their weekly routine while doing so at least 5 days per week.  Women need 30 minutes to get the maximum anti-aging results while men need to up the ante to 40 minutes.  These numbers can be attained with some discipline, daily planning, and simple hard work and sweat.

I‘m sure a lot of you will like this fun fact; sex is good for you.  Yes, studies have shown this high-level exercise helps you age more slowly while adding years to hour life.

Harvard University, the National Cancer Institute, and several other health organizations conducted data surveys which analyzed the health information of more than 600,000 people.  Researchers attained their results by comparing the exercise information of each individual from extremely active to not active at all.  Then study researchers combed through 14 years of death records amongst this group. When the results came in researchers saw that those groups who maintained at least a regularly active lifestyle had the best results.  Those who didn’t exercise at all had the highest early death rate according to the study.  People that attempted some form of exercise somewhat lowered their chances of a premature death; however, they do still have higher rates of bereavement than their more active peers.  People in the groups who maintained a moderate exercise program of at least 150 minutes a week gained an average of 3.4 years of added lifespan.  If they achieved 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise they added 4.2 years more of life.


If people add just 30 percent of vigorous or strenuous activities of exercise they reduce their early death rate by 9 to 13 percent.  Studies have shown that a good target to shoot for to gain a significant amount of years to your lifespan is a high-intensity workout at least 5 days a week.


Benefits right now?


Yes.  Immediate health benefits you receive from exercise are stress relief and lower blood pressure.  Your arteries are clear and it strengthens your heart, which both are solid barriers or defenses to a heart attack.  Regular exercise also helps you sleep better at night (which itself supplies several health benefits) and regulates your body weight.  These benefits no doubt will improve your life in many ways.


So, we can see the writing on the wall here and for those of you who can’t, well exercise has been known to boost your eyesight too.  That’s not entirely true, but eye exercises can be done if you are in need of strengthening your oracle muscles.  But seriously back to the wall and the writing; exercise is a good thing, in fact, it’s a great thing and we can all benefit from it in one way or another.  As the study shows you will increase your lifespan, improve sleep, relieve stress, and lower your risk of disease while preserving your DNA.  How cool is that?


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is the best type of workout to slow the aging process.


According to a new study in the journal Cell Metabolism, although strength training is important to maintain muscle mass, high-intensity interval training is most effective for reversing aging on a cellular level.

The study states that any kind of exercise is better than none, but it’s the high-intensity interval training that does best in reversing age-related changes at the cellular level. Though this works for people of all ages, it seems to offer more benefits to older people.


HIIT involves short bursts of intense aerobic activity, intermixed with longer stretches of moderate exercise.  Performing this kind of training encourages cells to make more proteins to fuel the energy producing cellular mechanism. This, in turn, slows the aging process.  The study also found that younger people participating in HIIT showed a 49-percent increase in mitochondrial capacity while the older group saw a 69-percent increase.  Mitochondria are what is responsible to transport chemical energy from cell to cell.


Here is a sample HIIT Bodyweight workout you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime.


You will do this circuit 5 times resting only at the end of each circuit for one minute.

DNA Exercise Routine

High Knees 30 Secs

Push Ups 30 Secs

Prisoner Squats 50 Secs

Incline Push Ups 30 Secs

Prisoner Squats 50 Secs

Decline Push Ups 30 Secs

Alt Luges 50 Secs

T Push Ups 30 Secs

Alt Lunges 50 Secs



So just get out there and do something folks.  Your body will love you for it and you’ll love yourself.


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