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Costa Rica Resorts

Visiting Costa Rica is one get away with plenty of sights to offer. With the beautiful Central American coastline, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most coveted spots to visit. Costa Rica roughly translates to rich coast in Spanish, which also describes the location of which it’s located. Costa Rica is not only a place with beautiful views, but it also has historical sights to visit. While Costa Rica has plenty to offer in regards to sights, it’s also important to focus on the resorts that Costa Rica has. After all, having a beautiful resort to begin and end your day with only adds to the experience of your vacation.


When it comes to choosing the resort of your choice, it’s important to consider what you find necessary to have. These options can range from having Wi-Fi, a pool to having a view of the oceanside from your window. Whatever your needs are there is a resort to accommodate you. It’s also vital for you to decide how many people are going and what you think is necessary for however long your visit is. It’s always suggested to book ahead of time especially during warmer months or holidays as that’s when most people will be going on vacation.

Be sure to check these places out as you venture from your Costa Rica Resort.

It’s always helpful to also check out various websites such as hotel and airline sites to see if you’re getting a deal. If you’re booking through using points, check in with the hotel to make sure that you’re sure about what each agreement entails.


When it comes to booking a resort in Costa Rica, The Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Playa Conchal is one spot you want to book your trip. This resort was rated the number one resort according to This resort was all inclusive of all the amenities that you dream of, is a quick 45-minute ride. It also offers free internet and has breakfast included with the deal. Depending on the deals you get, you can also receive spectacular room service or private golfing depending on what package you buy. And even if you don’t buy a package, you’ll have a stunning view of the oceanside because of the location of this resort. This resort is one place where you won’t regret spending your money. This resort has many packages that you can buy depending on what type of vacation you’re having.


Another resort that you can go to is Parador Resort and Spa. At this resort, you’re also offered free wifi and parking as well. Another amenity is that you can also have a restaurant included in this resort to add to your Costa Rican experience. While you won’t have the beachside view, you can always relax at the pool if you want to wind down.


If you’re having a more intimate honeymoon vacation or something to just spend with a significant other, one resort to stop by at is the Occidental Papagayo. With this resort being for adults only, it’s imperative that it’s just something you leave for when you don’t have kids around. You’ll be pampered here as this is one place you can get away from kids. With a beachfront view and beautiful rooms to accompany the picture, it’ll be hard to leave your bed. It also offers entertainment and free breakfast. While these things are at other resorts, you’ll have the freedom of enjoying a quiet morning.


One resort to consider is the Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa. While this resort doesn’t have a beachside view, what it does offer is the view of the natural Costa Rican tropical sights. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the sights of the hot spring. You’ll also be able to access the hot spring, which is something most resorts don’t offer at all. This resort like the others too offers free wifi, includes breakfast, free parking, and a pool. This resort might not offer the beach, but it offers a hidden gem of Costa Rican life, unlike the others. You’ll also have access to another restaurant included in the resort to add to your experience.


Another resort to consider would be the Occidental Tamarindo. With this resort, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the sight of the palm trees alongside the pool. This resort unlike the others actually also offers a breakfast buffet. In that way, you can help yourself to any food you’d like depending on your palate. This can make any foodie visiting Costa Rica happy. This resort also offers a beachside view. However, this resort does not offer free wifi and you will have to pay extra for it unlike the others. However, don’t let the wifi affect your decision to choose this resort because you’ll be able to satisfy your tastes for good food and a view.


While there are many resorts readily available in Costa Rica, it’s always good to choose a resort that is closer to the desination of your choice. As Costa Rica, is one country where you can be by the coast of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean depending on the side you’re traveling on. Whatever your desire is while visiting Costa Rica, you’ll be sure to find a resort closer to your destination. Many resorts offer package deals where you can go on tours around the country depending on what your visit is for.


If Internet is essential for you, pick a resort in where you’re able to have free wifi. If a beachside view is what you desire, there are no shortages of places you can book your visit in. Whatever your choice is, you can find a hotel to accommodate your needs. Using sites like helps with getting an opinion on the resorts and helps you make your decision easily. Whatever your choice is you’ll find a resort to your needs.