Best places to Travel in Central America

Where is the Best Place to Travel to in Central America?

Best Places to Travel in Central America

A question always asked is “Where are the best places to Travel in Central America?” Did you know that Spanish is the primary language spoken in Central America? Did you know that the Guinness Book of Records lists the Pan-American Highway as the longest “motor-able road?” Did you know that Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama are commonly referred to as the Banana Republic? If you want to learn more about the travel essentials like the best places to visit or the best time of the year to go, you will not want to miss our new travel series starting soon about Central America.

You will learn about seven countries in Central America that span over 202,265 square miles. Each nation has rich histories, people, and cultures that make them each a unique place to visit. Whether you want to backpack through each country or travel to take in the tourist hot-spots, there is something there for everyone! Yes! Every country makes up the best places to travel in Central America!

  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Panama
  • Nicaragua

With a total population of an estimated 40 million, the locals enjoy a tropical climate year-round with views of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean coastlines. There are more than 40 volcanoes in Central America which is why most of the countries are mountainous and hilly. The land structure also produces lush valleys that are prime for growing citrus, bananas, cocoa, coffee, chocolate, and tea. With natural resources, it is also an area of interest for tourists because the entire continent boasts of some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the world. Join us as we explore the natural bio-diverse environment.

Learn about 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central America


There are 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central America. In Belize, you can visit the beautiful Barrier Reef System. In Costa Rica, areas of interest include the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Cocos Island National Park, Pre-Columbian Chiefdom Settlements and Stone Spheres of the Diquis, and the Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves and National Park. In El Salvador, the Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site displays the history of the Meso-American Civilization. In Guatemala, three areas of interest are Antigua Guatemala, Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua, and the Tikal National Park. In Honduras, you may visit the Maya Site of Copan and the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve. In Nicaragua, visitors can roam the Ruins of León Viejo or the León Cathedral. In Panama, tourists might find the Archaeological Site of Panamá Viejo and Historic District of Panamá of great interest. Other sites include the Coiba National Park and Marine Protection, Darien National Park, Fortifications on the Caribbean Side of Panama: Portobelo-San Lorenzo, and Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves / La Amistad National Park. Each location has been recognized for their culture and heritage. Even if you can not travel to Central America now, the information we will provide will be valuable. Click on any of the flags below for more details.

Panama                   Nicaragua                  Honduras                        Guatemala


El Salvador                            Costa Rica                                  Belize



Whether you want to search out the wildlife in the rain forest or explore the many beaches along the Caribbean Sea, the possibilities are endless.  Join us for a seven-part series that will include the history, culture, cuisine, and travel facts about the seven independent countries that lies between Mexico and Columbia. Please join our subscriber list and follow our series: Best places to Travel in Central America.

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