Backpacking choices for Travel and Hiking

Backpacking questions to answer for your journey


When it comes to hiking and travel, having a sturdy backpack is essential to having a successful trip. Depending on the type of hiking trip it is and the duration of it, you should buy a hiking backpack to accommodate your trip. Now ordinary backpacks might be enough for a trip that’s only a few hours, but they aren’t ideal when it comes to strenuous activities. Ensuring you have everything you need for Backpacking terrain and conditions are essential to a positive trip.

Depending on your needs there are different types of backpacks you can buy. Before deciding which backpack you want you need to figure out what you need in the backpack to make it work.

Here are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing a backpack.

Backpacking Essentials:

  1. The size of your backpack. If you’re having a short one day trip, the size of the backpack wouldn’t hold much value. However, if you’re having a camping trip in addition to hiking it’s beneficial to have a slightly larger backpack to accommodate your needs. Depending on the longer you stay, the heavier capacity you can get.
  2. The torso of your backpack. Backpacks are unlike clothes, in which when shopping for a new backpack, you need to just see your torso measurements. This is due to the fact that you will have to wrap the bands around your torso so that it can stay attached to you while hiking.
  3. What the backpack has to offer. Depending on how long you’re out hiking, you can go for a bag that offers different functions such as a backpack that has a water carrying unit inside of it. These are one of the few features to look for when shopping for a hiking backpack.
  4. Cost. While choosing your hiking backpack, it’s necessary to take cost into consideration. Some brand names will come at a higher price due to the reliability the company offers or you can also set out to find backpacks that are sold from independent retailers.

Water needs for Backpacking?

When deciding how long your hiking trip will be, you’ll have the option of choosing a backpack that works by the number of liters it can carry. For a simple one day to weekend trip, it’s ideal to choose a backpack that will carry from 30 to 50 liters. This makes for a lightweight trip when you’re on your journey. This also means you’ll have to plan carefully when packing your backpack. For longer trips you can choose a mid-size bag that will carry from 50 to 70 liters. This is ideal for trips that last a little longer than 2 days.  And for trips that are longer than a few days or with children, it’s best to bring along a larger backpack that’ll carry more than 70 liters. This is because if you have kids you can carry their items and still carry your own items as well.

After deciding what capacity, you want to buy for a backpack, you can check out what features you want in a backpack. Hiking backpacks have many features to offer depending on what you’re looking for. One feature to consider is the type of frames you’d want for your backpack, if you’re a light traveler, then your best option is looking for a frameless or removable framed backpack. With a removable frame, it’s easy to have a quicker hiking trip. If you’re looking for something a little more durable, then your best option is to get a backpack with an internal frame, this helps with keeping your balance when hiking uneven roads. If you’re looking for something that will help you carry extra accessories such as a boat, then your best option is finding a backpack with an external frame.

Camping out while Backpacking?

The next thing to look at is to see if your bag offers a sleeping bag compartment, the importance of this matters if you’re a frequent hiker or someone who spends more than one day hiking. This makes for a great compartment for camping out when hiking.

Another additional feature to look for is to see if a backpack has a rain cover, this makes sure that your backpack is impervious to any water damage that might happen if it happens to rain during your trip.

Last but not least an important factor to look at is to make sure your backpack has a water reservoir. A water reservoir is important for trips that are longer than a day or are strenuous because it ensures that you have enough water for the duration of your trip. While this is an additional feature, it’s one feature to invest in as it’s important to stay hydrated during any physical activity.

When shopping for a backpack it’s essential to not overlook how the backpack fits. This means being able to find a backpack that fits well with your torso. This will ensure that your back isn’t in pain and that you can carry the backpack with relative ease no matter how heavy it is. When shopping for a bag, take into consideration how long your torso is and how wide your waist is because that’ll help you decide which size fits with your body. There are also specific backpacks made in mind for children or women. Women specific backpacks will take into consideration a shorter and slender frame for those women who feel that a unisex backpack isn’t enough for them. But a woman’s backpack can also work for anyone who is of a smaller frame regardless of gender. Children’s backpacks are unique to children as they are adjustable to a child’s growing height, making it a perfect long term investment.

Backpacking Comfort

One feature to look into before purchasing your backpack is to ensure that you have straps that are padded enough to your liking. Hiking is something that will cause you strain on your legs if it’s for a prolonged amount of time. However, it’s essential to have comfortable straps because it will make the hiking trip more comfortable for you and healthier for your body.

When it comes to purchasing equipment for backpacking, it’s always better to err on the side of being too prepared rather than under prepared. If you’re a frequent hiker or traveler, it’s beneficial to invest in a backpack that accommodates your needs rather than spending money on a backpack for a short term. Remember quality backpacks will last a lot longer than a backpack not intended for hiking. With these tips on choosing a hiking backpack, you’ll be able to enjoy your hiking trip to come.