Adult Student Scholarship Opportunities

Obtaining scholarships as an adult returning to College.

Adult Student

Adult student scholarships are something that can help anyone who decides to enter or return to college.  Unfortunately, much of the scholarships are geared specifically towards high school students. To get scholarship money as an older student requires a little different manner of applying. The majority of scholarships available apply the same to high school seniors and older students, but there are subtle differences to take into account.  Most scholarships are given from having done well in school. Being an adult outside of high school will disqualify you for many scholarships but it is still very possible to find other Adult student scholarships that do apply for older students.

To get started, you must surf the internet for scholarships to find out which are available. The majority of scholarships will say clearly whether they are for high school seniors only. Check as many websites as you can.  Studies have shown that as much as 50% of scholarships are never taken, so it is worth it to apply to as many as possible.  . Many scholarships will have some form of GPA requirement, so that should be taken into account before you try and apply. If you had left high school and  your grades were lower than 3.0, you may want to go to community college first before applying for scholarships.

There are a variety of scholarships available specifically for adult students. Some of them are strictly given only to adults who are going to college.  There are some scholarships that are given because of musical skills of the student. And there are other scholarships that are given because the student is good at sports. There is a series of scholarships that are given to students who are entering the sciences. And there are other specific scholarships for students studying liberal arts. There are forms of these scholarships given only to high school seniors, and others given to any student who applies.


Here are some scholarships specifically for an Adult Student:

– The Adult Skills Education Grant – this scholarship awards 1000 dollars to anyone 19 or older.

-The Dr. Blanca Moore-Velez Women of Substance scholarship – awards money to female African American students 35 or older.

-The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition “ASSIST” scholarship. This scholarship is given to students at least 18 years of age living in boundaries of an Executive Women international Chapter.

– The Senior Adult Scholarship Program is a variable scholarship given to Alabama residents 60 years or older.

– The non-traditional student organization scholarship; this award is given to people 25 and older for being nontraditional. The student does though have to go to school at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Adult Student Internship

There is also the bonus internship!   This is a 5,500 scholarship given to students 18 or older who can complete an internship that involves helping the needy. There are plenty of scholarships specifically for older students, remember though to check for regional disqualifiers. Many of these scholarships only apply to students living in a specific area or going to a specific college .

The process of applying for a scholarship is basically the same for adults to high school seniors; the main difference is in what you will submit your essay about. Most high school seniors will submit their essays about their time in high school and their extracurricular activities. Being how you are an adult, you will not have the same story to write in a prompt. This is why time in a community college can be so valuable. A community college will grant you the opportunities to write about recent extracurricular activities that you did.

In the process of writing the scholarship application essay, be sure to explain why you didn’t choose to go to a four-year university right away. The application reviewers are typically looking more so for character than they are somebody who is perfect. So be honest and put your story on paper. Write about what you have done in your time away from school and be sure to include other ways you might have been studying. The scholarship approval committees want to make sure that you are passionate about studying; they do not want to give their money to people who are indifferent to school. Being at community college for a brief period of time can also help you here because you will be able to acquire more inspiration for your writing prompt regarding your own life experiences regarding education.

There are often different essays requested by different scholarships, so be sure to tailor each essay to the group of people responsible for whichever scholarship. They want personalized and unique writing, they will likely be able to tell if you are cutting and pasting much of what you wrote down. So get creative and write captivatingly. Waiting to be an adult student can potentially make your story even more interesting to the people reviewing the scholarship, so it may work out for the best. Be sure to include interesting lessons that you may have learned from your time away from school. Most writing prompts given by scholarship committees will be focus on your own personal lives. The reviewing committees want to hear your story, if your story is captivating and they can tell you value education, you could very likely win the scholarship over someone who is younger.

There are a number of scholarships available to older students if you search hard enough for them. Many scholarships are specifically for high school seniors, but you can still find scholarships that can be given to adult students. If your GPA is lower than 3.0, you will most likely need to consider going to a community college before applying for scholarships. And when you write your essay for the scholarship approval committees, be sure to explain why you decided to go to college later than most other students. And write individual essays for each scholarship you are applying to. Use your time away from college towards your benefit and write about what interesting unique experiences you found choosing that path. Follow this advice and you will surely get scholarships despite being an adult student.